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ExOne pushes to make metal 3D printing green

ExOne pushes to make metal 3D printing green

Written by David

July 28, 2020

By the time the COVID-19 crisis had been declared a pandemic in March, the global 3D printing industry had already sprung into action with a historic effort to produce valves, testing swabs, face shields and a variety of other innovative solutions in record time to fill supply chain gaps.


At ExOne, the company’s global team was eager to contribute, too. But almost all of the 3D response had so far been in plastics, while ExOne specialises in binder jet 3D printing of metal, sand, and ceramics. For John Hartner, the company’s CEO, the desire to help was personal as one of his daughters is an ICU nurse in New York City, which had been hit hard by the crisis. So, […]


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