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Everything You Need to Know About Your Future Modular Home

Everything You Need to Know About Your Future Modular Home

Written by David

February 11, 2019

You have probably come across the term, “modular home”. In the rapidly changing housing market and with the rise of new technologies like 3D printing , future homeowners are rethinking what defines a home, while builders are rapidly changing their approach to the ways homes are built. Another one of these technologies is the modular home. No, a modular home is not a mobile home or recreational vehicle. In short, a modular home is a house that is built off-site from the expected location of the building and that is delivered to that location after it has been completed. However, modular homes are not manufactured homes. Manufactured homes are not placed on a permanent location or foundation. While, once a modular home is set in its foundation, it cannot be moved. Slowly moving their way into the forefront of home construction, a modular home could be in your future. […]


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