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Evaluating Industrial 3D Printing Systems

Evaluating Industrial 3D Printing Systems

Written by David

June 30, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all, whether through personal health or business opportunity. We’ve all had to shift the ways in which we do business, and in so many ways that move has been virtual. Teams are operating remotely, many have now been working at home for months, and some of the biggest manufacturing events have gone digital.


But there’s still nothing quite like actually seeing one another in person — and, more importantly from that business perspective, seeing industrial equipment up close and operationally personal.


In late 2018, 3D printing industry veteran Gil Lavi introduced us to his new endeavor, 3D Alliances , which strives to bring channels together. The Israel-based company connects thousands of resellers in dozens of countries around the globe as it […]


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