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ETH Zürich develops carbon fiber rival for desktop 3D printers

Written by Paul

September 20, 2018

Wood and spider silk have inspired the development of a new desktop 3D printable material that reportedly outperforms “state-of-the-art printed polymers”. Developed by a team of researchers at ETH Zürich , Switzerland, this bioinspired material contains liquid crystal polymer (LCP) particles that rival the use of glass and carbon fiber reinforcements . In-lab strength test of a part 3D printed using LCP reinforced material. ETH Zürich, A more sustainable alternative to carbon fibers Though a common means of reinforcement, the high stiffness of glass and carbon fibers can make materials brittle. It is also difficult to recycle fiber-reinforced polymers. Looking for a stronger and ecological alternative to these additives, the Complex Materials and Soft Materials groups at ETH Zürich turned to LCPs. LCPs are a class of aromatic polymers created via melt-processing. They are extremely inert and fire-resistant. In comparison to other polymers, LCPs are also incredibly easy to […]

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