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Ender 3: Open Source 3D Printer Reviewed By A 3D Printing Noob

Written by David

March 21, 2019

3D printing has been all the rage lately with both professionals and prosumers accomplishing incredible things from printing patient organs for surgery practice to printing robotic arms and quad-copters.


As with all things, there has been a trickle-down effect that’s led to even the most inexperienced being able to obtain this revolutionary technology. Here we will explore my adventure from having never touched a 3D printer to assembling and operating my own Creality Ender 3.


NOTE: Creality did not in any way endorse or commission this article. I purchased my Ender 3 myself as my first step into the hobby. Furthermore, I’m still a noob. I might have a solid understanding of how a 3D printer works, but I have put in nowhere near as much time into the hobby as the veterans of forums, nor have I spent any time operating any printer other […]


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