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eForge electronic 3D printing system features 8 extruders

Developers and electronic enthusiasts may be interested in a new electronic 3D printing system called the eForge, which has launched via Kickstarter this week.


The eForge has been developed thanks to NASA sponsored research and features eight extruders and allows you to create your designs using new electronic materials.


eForge is the first electronic 3D printing system capable of printing fully-functional electronics, says its creators, Electronic Alchemy. Early bird pledges for the eForge start from $4,799 or roughly £3,763 offering a considerable 40% saving the recommended retail price of $8,000. It all goes to plan with manufacturing and fundraising the team are expected to start shipping the electronic 3D printers during August 2020.


“Unlike conventional 3D printers, eForge is capable of printing both electronic and mechanical materials. The results open up an entirely new world of possibilities. It’s equipped with 8 extruders, retractable smart nozzles and an extra large […]


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