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Trends in Education and 3D Printing



Follow the latest trends and technology innovations in this area of 3D Printing.

We will be posting curated articles and videos on this subject on a regular basis, often daily.




Nine Most Recent Posts in Education

The Best 3D Printing Lesson Plans for the Classroom

Download these free resources today and learn how you can use the same lesson plans used by Nichole to activate STEM and 3D printing in your classroom or school successfully. — Learn how Nichole operates the SMART Lab—an FETC award-winning technology space focused on...

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Students learn about 3D printing at STEM camp

MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- A Martinsville College is exposing children in the community to 3D printing. The New College Institute has created its first "3D Thursday" camp. During the four-week program, students use software, math and hands-on applications with the 3D...

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9 Things to Know about 3D Printing in K-12

3D printing is a technology that can be as complex or as simple as you make it. These ins and outs can help you simplify how 3D printing works in the classroom. Whether you have had your 3D printer thrust upon you or made available at your request, it's a technology...

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Nine Most Recent Videos in Education

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