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Easy Frame 3D Printer frame kit

Easy Frame 3D Printer frame kit

Written by David

February 5, 2019

Anyone interested in building their very own 3D printer may be interested in a new product called Easy Frame, created by Speeko based in Ottweiler, Germany. The 3D printer frame kit offers an easy way to build an accurate 3D printer and provides everything you need to create a foundation on which you can build a reliable and accurate desktop 3D printer. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the Easy Frame 3D printer frame kit which is now available via Kickstarter with early bird pledges from just €99 or roughly £87. If all goes well worldwide shipping is expected to take place during March 2019. Easy Frame has been developed to provide users with a stable, spot welded and powder-coated steel-frame with “all the advantages you want to have” when you building your very own 3D printer. “It is possible to build all your electronics and […]


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