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Easing the Path to Mass 3D Printing

Easing the Path to Mass 3D Printing

With 3D printing becoming more popular, users are ready to move beyond entry-level printers to machines capable of low to medium volume production. To meet these needs, additive manufacturing company Stratasys has unveiled its Stratasys F120™ 3D Printer . The machine costs 40 percent less than industrial-grade 3D printers, according to Gina Scala, director of education for the company, enabling those in design studios, offices, and education environments to gain access to industry-grade additive manufacturing capability. According to Stratasys, unlike many desktop 3D printers that struggle to produce reliable and accurate parts without technical know-how, the F120 printer is designed to create high-quality FDM models consistently. The company has incorporated streamlined plug-and-print functionality in the printer, thus removing complexity from typical workflow processes with a user-friendly touchscreen interface and GrabCAD Print™ workflow. The F120 can support everything from rapid prototyping and tooling to at least medium-scale manufacturing, on the […]


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