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Duubee 3D printers launched in the USA

Duubee 3D printers launched in the USA

Written by David

August 22, 2019

Duubee announces the launch of its 3D printers, HP01, HP02, HP03 in the USA. With the launch of the 3D printers, the company aims to introduce more people to the 3D printing world, and help more people develop their infinite creativity.


The entry-level and affordable HP01 3D printer is available at an amazing price.


Highlights of the HP01 Easy to set up, powerful software, works with Windows, macOS X. A 2.4inch full color touch display screen for easy operation with models preset in the SD card. Filament types: ABS, PLA, wood, metal composites and dissolvable PVA. Support TF card off-line print and resume printing even after a power outage or lapse occurs. Glass and hot bed can be switched, detachable platform works well on removing finished print object. Strict testing for key components before […]


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