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Dutch architects plant trees into huge 3D printed sample tubes

tree pots in the form of scaled-up erlenmeyer flasks – the cone-shaped test tube present in every laboratory – are placed at the food innovation strip ede-wageningen. the shape refers to the innovative character of the companies and knowledge institutions in the area. the pots were designed by felixx landscape architects & planners, and made by 3d printing in rotterdam. the food innovation strip covers a distance of 11 km and forms the connection between wageningen university & research with the business and science park wageningen, the knowledge campus ede and the future world food center in ede. the axis becomes a linear arboretum with distinctive trees. some of those trees will be placed in large erlenmeyer flasks of 2.6 meters high. the shape, materialization and the manufacturing process of the pot give space and meaning to the innovative character of the area. last year prototypes of the pots […]


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