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Dr. Scholl’s Found a Good Use for 3D Printing, and My Feet Are So Much Happier for It

If a large part of your day is spent on your feet, a good pair of shoes can only do so much to keep you comfortable. Every foot requires different levels of support and cushioning, and ideally, we’d all visit a pedorthist for a custom set of shoe inserts, were it not so expensive. Dr. Scholl’s has a cheaper $99 solution that uses your smartphone to help create 3D-printed insoles that are customized for every foot. I inherited my father’s flat arches which can result in quite a bit of soreness at the end of a long day. But after covering the recent New York Toy Fair with a pair of Dr. Scholl’s custom inserts underfoot, I’m sold on the idea of splurging a bit to treat my feet. The Dr. Scholl’s app requires users to snap four strategically-angled photos of their feet for the service to work. The […]


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