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Downtown Youngstown manufacturer making a name for itself in 3D printing industry

We talk a lot about how Youngstown is a leader in additive manufacturing, which is a fancy name for 3D printing. Tonight, we share the story of one company downtown that has turned the talk into a business that’s succeeding. On the first floor of the former Vindicator building, where printing presses once turned out newspapers, JuggerBot 3D now builds the most modern type of printer: a 3D one.


“Imagine an industrial hot glue gun, and that’s what’s heating up the plastic,” said Zac DiVincenzo from Struthers. DiVincenzo, along with a partner, started JuggerBot 3D in 2014 after graduating from Youngstown State University in engineering. “We started the company with a mindset of building new-age technology readily available for consumer market, post-consumer market, but really focusing on production parts for the industrial atmosphere,” DiVincenzo said. JuggerBot started with small 3D printers that sell for $35,000, […]


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