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Digital Metal Launches Fully Automated No-Hand Production Concept for Metal 3D Printers

Written by David

October 15, 2018

Swedish company, Digital Metal, has launched a fully automated no-hand production concept for its high-precision binder jetting 3D metal printers. Digital Metal , the Swedish company known for producing small, high-volume components using high-precision 3D metal printers, is taking its process one step further. The company recently announced in a press release that it’s launching a fully automated, no-hand production concept. Since 2013, Digital Metal has produced more than 300,000 components using its unique binder-jetting technology. The company also adds that several Digital Metal DM P2500 printers are in serial production producing series of up to 40,000 components. Such printing capabilities have piqued the interest of companies in automotive and aerospace industries leading to agreements between “major European players” and Digital Metal earlier this year. Now, a fully automated no-hand production concept will increase productivity further by relying on robots to eliminate almost all manual work. Ralf Carlström, General […]

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