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Difference Between 4D Printing and 3D Printing

Difference Between 4D Printing and 3D Printing

Written by David

April 18, 2019

Three-dimensional (3D) printing, a form of additive manufacturing, has caused quite a stir in the industrial manufacturing sector. Although the technology is still developing, researchers at MIT have already come up with the concept of four-dimensional (4D) printing . Could this be the next big thing in manufacturing? 3D printing technology The incredible 3D printing technology was developed by Charles W Hull in 1983 and has since seen rapid wide-ranging applications. In this type of printing, the hardware is made to deposit material, layer upon layer, in precise geometric forms to create an object using 3D object scanners or data computer-aided-design (CAD) software. It is unlike conventional manufacturing or subtractive manufacturing, where the material is removed by using milling, machining, carving, shaping, etc. to create an object. The advantages of 3D printing are for all to see. From small components to aerospace equipment, its applications are ever expanding in […]


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