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[Developing story] Vader acquisition confirmed as Xerox wants a share of the $8 billion AM market

Written by David

February 6, 2019

Xerox is the company whose copying machines business was so successful that its brand became a synonym for the family of products it made and sold. Since the company was quite active in the 3D printing patent arena, many may have thought it could have done the same for 3D printers. However, Xerox has never made a clear move into 3D printing, at least not like HP and Xaar have done. Until now that is. At the Investor’s Day 2019 conference taking place in New York, Xerox announced several new products in the 3D printing segment along with the acquisition of metal 3D printing startup Vader . The news was broken by IDC analyst Keith Kmetz on his Twitter feed and rebroadcasted by Desktop Metal CRO (and popular AM industry figure) Tuan Tranpham’s LinkedIn feed. Apparently, Xerox is also presenting a number of hardware, materials and software solutions that […]


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