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Developing A 3D Printing Strategy: In Depth With SynDaver

Developing A 3D Printing Strategy: In Depth With SynDaver

Written by David

June 27, 2020

A company offering both synthetic cadavers and a new 3D printer has quite a story to tell, and what better storyteller than the CEO? I spoke this week with Dr. Christopher Sakezles, the Founder and CEO of SynDaver, about the company’s history and initial forays into 3D printing in part one of this interview; now in part two, we look at how 2020 has introduced a new business strategy in building 3D printers.


SynDaver and LulzBot As Sakezles explained in part one, SynDaver offered LulzBot TAZ 6 3D printers with its kits intended to introduce middle and high school students to engineering concepts through building a medical mannequin. The company had been working directly with LulzBot on developing new approaches to including these 3D printers in the kits. “We were talking with their senior people about putting this […]


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