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Desktop Metal Explores Why Next Generation of Golf Clubs Should be 3D Printed

Written by David

March 23, 2019

Can 3D printing transform the design and manufacturing of golf clubs to help improve your game? Desktop Metal explores this in a recent feature on their site. Are you an avid golfer and think you can improve upon your clubs, if only you had the means? In a feature on the Desktop Metal website, the manufacturing company explores how 3D printing transforms how golf clubs can be designed and manufactured. Desktop Metal has broken down the areas in which 3D printing could improve golf clubs into five categories: design, prototyping, customization, next generation, and cost comparison. In terms of design and prototyping, the manufacturing company put forward the idea that innovation can happen much more quickly due to an inexpensive process of coming up with and trying out new ideas. This certainly would help the industry continue its “long history of steady evolution,” says Desktop Metal […]


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