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Designed by engineers with nature’s help

Designed by engineers with nature’s help

Written by David

March 29, 2019

Engineers are increasingly turning to the already perfected designs found in nature to create lightweight and optimized products. And one software program—also inspired by nature– optimizes the CAD model for the job at hand Jean Thilmany, Senior Editor Want an example of efficient, environmentally friendly design? Look to nature. When engineers take a biomimetic approach to their projects, they’re taking inspiration from how plants and animals, even the microbes around us, work. Nature has had eons to perfect its systems and shapes. Engineers haven’t. But they can crib from nature’s design methods and at least one form of CAD and analysis technology—itself based on biomimicry—can help. Advances in additive manufacturing techniques mean the unusual geometries found in nature can be attempted and feasibly manufactured today. For a modern-day example of biomimicry (that is, engineers drawing upon biology for their designs), look at the 500 Series Shinkasen Japanese bullet trains, […]


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