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Design of the Week: Heart Aortic Valve

Design of the Week: Heart Aortic Valve

Written by David

September 8, 2020

This week’s selection is the Heart Aortic Valve by researchers at the University of Minnesota.


Medical 3D prints are becoming increasingly common, as they provide surgeons with significant benefits. Normally a complex surgical procedure will require significant planning, as each patient’s scenario is unique. Surgeons will have to determine in advance the cuts, motions and paths they will take during the actual operation.


Traditionally this has been done using 2D tools like paper or images. But with the availability of 3D printing it is possible to 3D print full 3D models of the actual surgical area. These “hold in your hand” models can greatly assist the planning of the procedure because the surgeons can quickly examine the structures from all angles. It’s a more familiar method, too, as that is precisely what they see when performing the work. The early medical models of this type were simple rigid, monocolor […]


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