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Denison Industries unveils new 3D printing expansion

Denison Industries unveils new 3D printing expansion

Written by Paul

October 29, 2018

As a part of its recent expansion, Denison Industries is rolling out new 3D printing technology that will add efficiencies and cost reduction to its aluminum casting. The manufacturer offered tours and hands-on demonstrations of the equipment to area high school students Friday as part of its ribbon cutting ceremony for the new expansion. The company’s new ExOne S-Max 3D printer will be used to make the molds that are used in the company’s casting of aluminum parts and components. Before the machine was put into operation, these molds were mostly created by hand, company representatives said. “We really feel this will separate ourselves from the current industry,” Bryan Petty, director of projects and process improvement, said. “What we really wanted to do is attract those customers like the department of defense, aerospace and defense and ensure we provide them a good service.” Petty said the new machinery takes […]


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