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Demand for 3D printing expertise is flourishing

Gaurav Loyalka, Co-founder of Novabeans informs that 3D modeling and printing are one of the most sought after skills and these jobs will see a rapid growth in the medical sector 3D printing is developing incredibly in the healthcare sector, right from visualisation aids for surgeries, the technology offers numerous benefits viz better surgical preparation, significant reduction of surgical costs and more opport unities for better patient education. The demand from medical institutes and research centre for skilled 3D printing resources are increasing day by day. From prosthetics to human tissue, 3D printing promotes medical advancement and saves lives. As such, the 3D printing industry will need more engineers, designers and modelers who have a biomedical or scientific background in order to further innovate and produce highly advanced 3D-printed products. The areas where job opportunities are on the horizon : 3D anatomical medical models designers Digital dentistry workflow Customise […]


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