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Deloitte Global report predicts 3D printing’s “plateau of productivity” in 2019

Written by David

February 10, 2019

Big four accounting organization Deloitte predicts that 2019 is going to be the year that 3D printing finally lives up to the hype. Part of the company’s annual Technology, Media and Telecommunications Predictions report, this year revenue growth is indicating that 3D printing is about to reach the so-called “ plateau of productivity .” “In previous reports […]” states the foreword, “Our tone was positive but cautious, since 3D printing was growing but also a bit overhyped. But time has passed,” “Reality has caught up to – or in some ways even surpassed – the earlier enthusiasm, and we now have new and impressive forecasts for that industry.” 3D printing – time to believe the hype The data for Deloitte’s 3D printing predictions was collected from the financial filings of large public companies (in hardware, materials and services) and analyst estimates. In the report, these figures span 7 years […]

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