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Dara Treseder On Her New Role As Carbon’s CMO

B2B marketing Dara Treseder environment interview Strategy Technology Dara Treseder knows a thing or two about marketing technology. The former CMO of GE Innovations has spent her career promoting and exploring the scientific world and was named one of Forbes’ top 50 CMOs to watch. Last week, Treseder joined 3D printing brand Carbon as chief marketing officer and is ready to apply what she’s learned to this emerging market. Treseder sat down with AList to talk about her career move from GE, the changing CMO landscape and why its critical for the marketing team to spread passion throughout an entire company. How are you applying B2C knowledge to your new role? I really think about human-to-human. B2B and B2C are definitely different approaches. I love to bring a purpose-driven, customer-first approach. Mission and purpose first. We’re taking an ingredient brand approach—building our own brand so people know who we […]


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