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Czinger 21C: 3D-printed hybrid hypercar offers passengers a raw deal

Written by David

February 13, 2020

If you’re driving a Ferrari, a Lambo or a McLaren in 2020, then we’ve got some bad news for you.


Nobody cares about your mass-produced garbage. There are so many ultra-exotic hypercars flooding the market lately that frankly, if we’ve heard the name of the brand before or can work out how to pronounce it, it’s boring and passé.


We have heard the name Czinger before, but we’re still not 100-percent sure how to pronounce it. Kevin Czinger was the fellow behind 2017’s Divergent Blade supercar , which was notable for its extensive use of 3D-printed metal parts. The frame, in particular, used printed aluminum nodes joined together with carbon fiber rods, producing a strong, safe structure for about a tenth the weight of a regular car frame. The Blade was more or less […]


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