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Create your next neighborhood in 3D

Create your next neighborhood in 3D

Written by David

April 25, 2019

Summary: how to build a 3D demo app used for participatory planning in a few simple steps using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. A live version of the app together with the source code are both available on GitHub. Joining the 3D ArcGIS API for JavaScript team, my first task was to build a demo web application for participatory planning, engaging citizens in urban planning processes. Wikipedia describes participatory planning as a technique to consider the views of all involved parties. Besides harmonizing the urban planning process, citizen engagement is also characterized by the fact that ordinary people do not have the skills to use professional planning tools. An app that provides participatory planning therefore must be relatively simple to use. Even if the anticipated app would only serve for demonstration purposes, I was excited to build an app that essentially performs crowdsourcing through a 3D user interface. At […]


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