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Create a Miniature Commodore PET 8032 Replica Using a 3D Printer and Raspberry Pi

Written by David

February 18, 2019

Maker Lorenzo Herrera used a 3D printer and a Raspberry Pi computer to create his own version of the Commodore PET model 8032, an iconic 70s computer. You can follow Herrera’s detailed instructions and build your own too. Do you miss the iconic 70s look of personal computers? Specifically, the Commodore PET model 8032? If so, you will be interested in a project developed by Lorenzo “Tin Cat” Herrera . Production of the Commodore PET 8032 started in 1980, making them one of the first personal computers available to the public at the price of US-$1,500 (or $3,287 today). The machine was based around the legendary 6502 processor (later to be found in the popular Commodore 64), running 1 Mhz and offering an 8-bit data bus and – hold your breath – 32 kilobyte free RAM. With a hefty price tag, the CBM 8032 was meant […]


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