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Could Martian concrete lay foundation for better 3D printing?

NASA’s Mars One strategy is to robotically construct a human settlement on Mars starting in 2025 with humans arriving five years later.


A team at Northwestern University has created a model of what the structures on the planet could look like. NASA states the design calls for a “3D-printable inner spherical shell and outer parabolic dome and an interior layout with separate wet rooms (lab, kitchen, bathroom) and dry rooms (bedrooms, workstations) to limit the resources needed for construction.”


Researchers at Northwestern University have developed a Martian concrete made from materials found in abundance on the Red Planet. The process of making and 3D printing structures could lead to astronauts living on Mars for up to a year and there’s hope their findings could impact construction on Earth. PhD student Matthew Troemner, who is working with Gianluca Cusatis, a Northwestern University professor who pioneered the research, […]


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