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Could Apple do for 3D printing what it did for desktop publishing?

From AppleWorld Today: How could/should Apple get involved in the 3D printer boom? Canalys has predicted that the worldwide market for 3D printers, and associated materials and services will be worth $22.4 billion in 2020, so you have to wonder if Apple has any interest in the technology. “This is a market with enormous growth potential now that the main barriers to up-take are being addressed,” says Canalys Senior Analyst Tim Shepherd. “Advances in technology are yielding faster print times and enabling objects to be printed in greater combinations of materials, colors and finishes. Crucially, prices are also falling, making the technology an increasingly feasible option for a broad variety of enterprise and consumer uses, restricted only by computer aided design competencies and printer availability – both of which are set to improve significantly.” Apple was at the forefront of the desktop publishing era; it could be an integral […]


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