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Could 3D printed homes solve the North’s housing shortage?

The Apis Cor Mobile 3D printer 3D printed homes could be part of the solution to a housing shortage in Canada’s North, if the technology is able to stand up to the climate, according to the Conference Board of Canada. The Conference Board of Canada ’s new research series on emerging technologies launches with a look at how 3D-printed homes could be considered for Canada’s northern and Indigenous communities. The board’s Cool Ideas series aims to spark discussion about how emerging technologies could potentially improve the quality of life in Canada’s North. Revolutionary Building for the North: 3D Printing Construction, the first report in the Cool Ideas series, highlights how 3D printing construction could deliver significant cost and time savings, potentially addressing housing challenges in the North. “While it’s not yet clear whether the technology can address or overcome some of the key issues that construction projects must contend […]


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