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Corneas | 3D Printed Human Corneas | Compare the Cloud

Corneas | 3D Printed Human Corneas | Compare the Cloud

Written by David

December 26, 2018

3D printing is enticing for its ability to bring ideas and images into the third dimension, allowing the human imagination to run wild, but it is technology far beyond novelty. 3D printing is used to make parts in engineering, and even as a medical tool. For instance, Newcastle University scientists have used the technology to print the first corneas. The true to life details captured in the printed corneas were obtained through the scanning of patients’ eyes. The data from the scans allowed the scientists to promptly print a cornea matching the size and shape of the human eyes. The replica corneas were made from human corneal stromal cells mixed with alginate and collagen creating a ‘bio-ink’ that can be used in the 3D printer to produce prosthetic corneas. The scientists accomplished this using a basic 3D bio-printer to transform the bio-ink into printed corneas. The printing process took […]


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