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Conflux Technology is reinventing heat exchangers with 3D printing

Conflux Technology is reinventing heat exchangers with 3D printing

Written by Paul

October 25, 2018

Conflux Technology, an Australian company specializing in additive manufacturing applications, has focused its efforts on developing new and innovative solutions for thermal and fluid engineering. In a recent case study, the company details how it utilized EOS ’ metal 3D printing technology to prototype and produce a new and more efficient type of heat exchanger. Many of the electrical appliances you use on a regular basis will owe their functionality to heat exchangers. Air conditioners, fridges and car engines all rely on the heat transfer devices to keep energy and heat balanced to ensure that things run smoothly. Typically, heat exchangers transfer heat between two fluids (usually a liquid-liquid, liquid-gas or gas-gas). Despite their prevalence, however, heat exchangers have still been limited by the manufacturing technologies used to create them. For instance, subtractive manufacturing processes have proved inefficient in the creation of heat exchangers that are compact, complex and […]


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