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Concre3DLab releases VoxelPrint Grasshopper plug-in for concrete 3D printing

Concre3DLab, a research institute embedded within the Department of Structural Engineering ( Ghent University ) just released VoxelPrint, a new Grasshopper plug-in for voxel-based numerical simulation of concrete printing. The software component can voxelize any three-dimensional shape into a (Giga) set of identical finite elements and produce ready-to-use Input files for simulation in Abaqus.


The main contribution of this work is providing an extensive, yet easy-to-use plugin to be used by both non-experts (e.g. architects and designers that are already familiar with the parametric toolbox that is provided by Grasshopper) and more advanced users, that can further experiment with the broad range of input parameters in an attempt to optimize their 3D print design. The core component uses state-of-the-art numerical methods for simulation of concrete printing. According to the authors, its general implementation is based on an approach first presented by Wolfs, Bos, and Salet, but also incorporates the […]


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