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Concr3de proposes using 3D printing to rebuild Notre-Dame

Dutch company Concr3de has proposed rebuilding parts of Notre-Dame Cathedral from the ashes of the fire using 3D printing , and has already printed a replacement gargoyle. Concr3de , which was founded by architects Eric Geboers and Matteo Baldassari in 2016, used 3D scans to reproduce Le Stryge, a demon statue that sits on the roof of the gothic cathedral in Paris that was severely damaged in a fire last week . A mixture of limestone and ash – similar to the materials found after the fire – was used as the material to replicate the iconic gargoyle, which was added to the cathedral’s roof during the 19th century restoration by architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc. Elements of Notre-Dame could be remade using the damaged stone and ashes from the fire “We saw the spire collapse and thought we could propose a way to combine the old materials with new technology […]


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