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Company that prints 3D pizzas pivots to the bakery business

Company that prints 3D pizzas pivots to the bakery business

Written by David

June 24, 2020

The special touch in Gahanna’s newest bakery is almost no touch at all. Sugr-Bot Bakery launched this past weekend, selling cakes and cookie cakes, but what’s most interesting about the operation isn’t the products as much as the process.


It’s a nearly no-touch operation. Blank cakes or cookies are loaded into a machine that prints frosting and icing designs on the surface. A customer can order a cake online and have it made and delivered within two hours.


“We think there could be a huge market for this,” said Anjan Contractor, CEO of BeeHex LLC, the owner-operators of Sugr-Bot and creators of the printing technology. It’s a potential margin-expanding technology for bakery operators and the company is optimistic about customer demand because of its speed and, quite frankly, concerns over Covid-19. Contractor said the launch has had fortuitous timing given the general reluctance by some consumers to shop or […]


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