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Company Plans to Use 3D Printing Technology to Help Solve Housing Shortage

Company Plans to Use 3D Printing Technology to Help Solve Housing Shortage

Written by David

March 7, 2019

PARKER, Fla. – Another housing project is in the works in Bay County. Though in its early stages, it’s aimed to be affordable, durable and made using cutting edge technology. “I want to take land inside these communities that no one is doing anything with, and revitalize it by building quality homes,” said New Community Homes CEO Mike Ross. Mike Ross started his own company called new community homes after working with a French 3D printing construction company. By bringing their technology here to the United States, he hopes to build homes that are durable, affordable and livable, lasting more than a hundred years. “I’m not doing something that hasn’t been done, I’m just making it affordable,” said Ross. According to his plan, each home would cost $50,000 to construct minus the land purchase and would sell for a $100,000. “A house that people in the 30 to 50k […]


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