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3D printing filament company ColorFabb has presented its newest material release: LW-PLA. The light weight filament—the first of its kind—uses a novel active foaming technology to achieve low density, light PLA 3D printed parts. According to the company, the new filament will begin to “foam” at around 230°C, increasing its volume by nearly three times. This allows users to decrease material flow by roughly 65% resulting in more lightweight parts. The foaming technology also makes it possible for users to reduce print times by using bigger layer heights or single extra-thick perimeters. Using the expanding PLA filament does require some instruction, however. As ColorFabb explains, a certain amount of energy is needed for the filament to expand and this energy can be absorbed by the filament as it passes through the hot-zone. The amount of energy it can absorb is dependent on the length of the hot-zone and how […]

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