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CNH Industrial Launches First 3D Printed Spare Parts

CNH Industrial is leading the way in the innovative use of 3D printers to manufacture components & spare parts, offering its clients with rapid availability and support throughout the product’s lifecycle. As part of its sustained drive to streamline manufacturing processes, improve productivity and search more sustainable ways of working, the CNH Industrial N.V. has taken an important step in the execution of Additive Manufacturing technology by producing its 1st 3D printed spare parts. Additive Manufacturing, a synonym of 3D printing, is a method by which components are created from a digital file to build layers of material under computer control. Once printed, all the parts undergo strict testing to make sure it meets CNH Industrial’s requirements & specifications. One of the main benefits of 3D printing is that it facilitates the local, on-demand manufacturing of spare parts. This is especially advantageous when only a small quantity of parts […]


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