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CNC Machining as a Business Strategy for 3D Printing

CNC Machining as a Business Strategy for 3D Printing

Written by David

June 25, 2020

As  rd Dimension Industrial 3D Printing seeks new aerospace customers for its additive business, the company offers customers stability and supply chain streamlining through its machine shop.


In 2013, additive manufacturing (AM) was having its moment. The possibilities of the technology for industrial production were just then becoming apparent to manufacturing at large. Indeed, at that time, the view of AM was soaring from lofty media hype into a stratosphere of impossible promises.


Bob Markley was having a moment of his own at that time. He had just finished a 10-year stretch as an engineer for an Indy 500 racing team before moving on to work for Rolls Royce and then General Motors, the latter of which was consolidating its Indiana workforce to Pontiac, Michigan. Unable to relocate his family from their Indiana home, the then-31-year-old Mr. Markley wrote up a business plan centered around AM — a […]

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A division of Texas Injection Molding, we understand the requirements of high-volume manufacturing and offer design for manufacturing experience to ensure cost-effective manufacturable products as product designs are delivered from prototype to high volume production.



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