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Closed-Loop 3D Printers

Closed-Loop 3D Printers

Written by David

June 5, 2019

IVI is a High-Resolution 3D Printer with an Accessible Operating System The IVI is a closed-loop 3D printer that uses a motor that is 50% smaller, but has double the precision. Compared to its competitors, the IVI is relatively low-cost, so high-resolution printing can be more convenient. The new device boasts a ball joint ensuring there is zero gap between the printer arm and head, which ensures reliable, high-quality products. The structure of the IVI is made with Computer Numerical Control that guarantees the machine operates at the highest possible standard. This 3D printer has a simpler workflow and more accessible operating software than standard printers to create flawlessly designed products. This new printer has gained attention from various notable publishers across the world. With its reliability, affordability, and precision, the IVI could drastically change how we think of manufacturing and design.


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