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Check out these seven 3D printed photo gadgets you can make yourself

Check out these seven 3D printed photo gadgets you can make yourself

Written by David

August 11, 2020

Apparently, you can find quite a lot of amateur and professional photographers in the 3D printing community. And a lot of them have already had the idea to use their 3D printer to make various gadgets and accessories that are either expensive or hard to find.


You can produce some amazing things that will make it easier to take better photos for everyone. In this article, we are sharing some of our favorite projects and simple tips that will simplify things, save money, and generally let you have more fun. Camera backpack mounts There are many accessories that can be mounted on your backpack, for example, a GoPro mount . But you can also print this cool camera mount that can carry even a heavy DSLR camera. This mount is especially useful for wildlife photographers who need their camera always ready and wearing it around your neck the whole […]


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