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CES 2019: Reflections And Predictions

CES 2019: Reflections And Predictions

Written by David

February 28, 2019

What I love most about CES is that I’m equally excited before and after the show. Before, it’s the anticipation of the technology I’m going to discover. After, it’s the anticipation of seeing how the breakthroughs I encountered will come to market and impact our world in the year that follows. This year was no exception. I was deeply impressed with what I saw and intrigued to see emerging trends in action. Here are the trends and products that really stood out. 5G On Wheels CES 2019 was 5G incarnate. As the next generation of mobile networks starts coming online this year, every connected device on the planet stands to benefit. Yet for me, the advantages of 5G are most prominent when it comes to connected vehicles. 5G promises to enable true V2X (vehicle-to-everything) connectivity . V2X allows cars to communicate effectively with various service providers. For example, imagine […]


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