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Cerambot ceramic 3D printer from $199

Cerambot ceramic 3D printer from $199

Written by David

November 30, 2018

Cerambot is a new ceramic 3D printer that offers fast, accurate printing with an easy-to-use interface allowing your ideas to take shape without the need for an air compressor.


Cerambot has been designed to be used straight from the box and is user friendly for beginners and more experienced 3D printers.


CERAMBOT Pro was specially designed with a worm gear speed reducer, as well as a 57 stepper motor (Nema 23) and a TB6600 driver. The worm gear motor is patented and customised and the output shaft is internally threaded. In the Pro version, the development team has designed the control module separately offering two modes offering the ability for the printer to accept signals from the control board (GND, DIR, STP, EN), or manually control depending on your needs and requirements. “Cerambot is a full-functioned ceramic 3D printer, and ready to print in minutes. Simply attach the extruder […]


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