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CELLINK presents Lumen X biocompatible light curing bioprinter

CELLINK presents Lumen X biocompatible light curing bioprinter

Written by David

March 19, 2019

The Lumen X 3D bioprinter leverages biocompatible blue light for high resolution tissue printing.


After INKing a number of high profile collaboration deals, CELLINK is now launching yet another a partnership with Volumetric, a Texas-based startup. The two companies will combine their expertise to develop and launch the new Lumen X bioprinter and more technologies to come in the future.


The Lumen X leverages a biocompatible blue light based curing system and was designed to bioprint vasculature. Ti enables high resolution, high throughput and high fidelity prints, enhancing applications in microfluidics, cell-laden hydrogels, macroporous structures and more. Lumen X can also represent a significant advantage in achieving complex branching and tapering of vessels, constructing microscopic features with speed, fidelity and precision. Getting more into the technical details, the technology reportedly leverages over 1 million points of light to bioprint microscopic features down to 200 microns. In addition, it photographically […]


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