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CELLINK and Prellis Biologics announce powerful, $1.2M Holograph-X Bioprinter

Swedish bioprinting company CELLINK has entered into a partnership with organ and tissue engineering company Prellis Biologics, Inc. with the goal of commercializing high-resolution holographic bioprinting technology for micro-scale printing. By combining their IP and respective expertise, the companies will introduce what they call the “first system enabling ultra-high resolution bioprinting of microstructures” for producing vascular networks. The holographic bioprinting technology will draw on and complement CELLINK’s existing extrusion-based bioprinting technology as well as Prellis Biologic’s proprietary multi-photon laser-based bioprinting platform. “We believe in the democratization of science,” commented Melanie Matheu, CEO of Prellis Biologics. “It’s not only our team who will lead discovery and therapeutics development using true-to-life 3D structures, but scientists across the globe. Putting this technology into the hands of dedicated researchers is the fastest path to bring scientific advancements to the field and solutions to real people.” As part of the collaboration, CELLINK will take […]


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