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CD3D opens Europe’s largest 3D bioprinting cluster in Poland

CD3D opens Europe’s largest 3D bioprinting cluster in Poland

Written by David

March 26, 2019

Polish 3D printer company CD3D has launched what it calls the first open 3D bioprinting cluster in Europe. The cluster is located in Lodz, Poland and consists of 21 SKAFFOSYS bioprinter units, which will be used to pursue research and development in the biomedical arena. The new center, dubbed the 3D Biocluster, will be chiefly operated by CD3D’s medical division, CD3D Medical, with assistance from the Laboratory of Molecular and Nanostructured Biophysics at the Bionanopark, one of the largest lab complexes in Poland. The prolific site hosts a range of innovative projects relating to biotechnology and medicine. The 3D Biocluster will enable scientists at the Bionanopark to carry out biochemical, biological and molecular research by providing the ability to create three-dimensional structures on site and on demand. The bioprinter cluster will not only benefit the researchers at the facility, however, as the open nature of the 3D Biocluster means […]


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