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3D Printing Basics: The Slicer! (Ep6)

Does the plethora of options in the Slicer overwhelm you? In this video, I go through the ones you'll actually be using and explain what they do!

Bendable 3D Prints | Tank Tracks in Fusion 360 (2020)

Learn how to create bendable 3D printed parts in Fusion 360. Be sure to stick around to the end where I demo how to use the Motions links to simulate the bends AND the use of the Interference command to double-check the...

Fusion 360 is NOW a 3D Printing SLICER!

New in Fusion 360, slicing for 3d printing! Fusion 360 now allows you to slice and export gcode for the models you have created and designed! It's very new, and I wanted to kick the tires and find out how...

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