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Metals Video Articles

Just Truss Me: Additive Manufacturing

We decided to build a truss to see just how strong Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) built aluminum parts really are. . Mike Willey created a truss design and used FEA to estimate that it would support over 1000 lbs....

3D PRINTING METAL and More Awesome 3D PRINTERS at Formnext 2019!

The wonders of Industrial Additive Manufacturing are showcased at FORMNEXT in Frankfurt, Germany, and WE GOT TO SEE IT! The 2019 show was HUGE and the biggest one yet. We got the chance to stop by a few...

Design for metal additive manufacturing – supports (a beginner’s guide)

In a series of videos, Marc Saunders, Director of Additive Manufacturing Applications, will discuss key factors that drive the success rate and productivity of metal additive manufacturing (or metal 3D...

DMLS vs EBM Titanium Parts

This video gives an overview of the differences between DMLS and EBM titanium parts. I show basic surface finish characteristics, support structures, and support removal.

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