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Why 3D Printing Is The Future Of Housing

Technology has drastically changed our lives over the years. Books, movies, and music have become digitalized. Cars are becoming computerized. Smartphones we carry in our pocket are more powerful than...

The biggest 3d printed building

Apis Cor is happy to announce the recent huge project!   Hired by Dubai Municipality we 3D printed the 2-stories administrative building. That’s the biggest building ever 3D printed on-site!  ...

Dubai unveils fully 3D printed building

Dubai Municipality on Wednesday unveiled the world's largest 3D printed structure at the Warsan area in the emirate.  . Senior municipality senior officials said the two-storey building measures 640 sq. m...

Killa Design: 3D printing the buildings of tomorrow

Killa Design uses 3D printing to create iconic designs that are fast becoming landmarks – including one of the most complex structures ever built.

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