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3D Modeling Video Articles

3D Printing Basics: Where to get printable models! (Ep5)

Design or download - why not both? In this video, I'm covering the options of creating your own printable models and where to and not to get models from if you're looking for something ready-made.

Polyurethane Casting Using 3D Printed Molds

How-to video of the full workflow from design to 3D printing to casting the final part. Lean, low-waste process using a customized measuring/pouring cup. You can do this!

DIY 5.1 Surround speakers – a learning opportunity!

3D printing parts that are more complex than what we usually make can be daunting - especially when it also needs look good!  . Making my own 5.1 surround satellite speakers was a project I started over two years ago and...

Modo Public Sculpture Tutorial

Lesson teaching organic modelling using subdivisions surfaces  . With IBL / HDR environment lighting

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